BHA's 2020 Virtual Scholarship Award Ceremony

By Drea Reneau 9/22/2020

Education is not just a tool to improve your professional prospects but a medium with which you widen your outlook on the world; a way to base your experiences and develop your truths. As a cooperative society, we must ensure the education of our future. Equipping youth with the means to navigate and overcome challenges. The Belize Hotel Association wholeheartedly believes this to be true. It is because of this reason that BHA’s Scholarship Fund was created almost a decade ago. Take it from 2020 scholarship recipient, 12-year-old Kyanie Call, whose wish is to become a teacher one day so that she may “share her wisdom.” Third-year social work major at the University of Belize, Kyarah Williams has been on the BHA Scholarship since highschool. 

Through live and silent auctions the donations of members have been put to work for the security of our future. As the oldest private sector tourism organization in the country, we set the example amid a time of uncertainty. The virtual ceremony saw the invitation of all five recipients via video conference with only a few members of the media present. The scholarship is awarded only to the children of BHA member employees and covers the length of course studies. 

Drea Reneau