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Summer in Belize: Fun Under the Sun!

By David Benzaquen 7/16/2020 3 minutes

The sunshine and tropical breeze feel a bit brighter and warmer from the comfort of a private island getaway. What could be better for a summer escape than a secluded stay surrounded by the crystal- clear Belizean waters? Summer in Belize is the best way to get rid of your quarantine fatigue!

Cayo Espanto is perfectly positioned three miles off the coast of San Pedro, Belize. Our private island resort offers an array of personalized experiences such as snorkeling, tailored meals, exploring Maya ruins, private helicopter tours, and yacht excursions. The lush landscape of Cayo Espanto allows guests to remain socially distant from those they are not traveling alongside. The secluded island escape molds to the ideal adventure or relaxing itinerary every visitor prefer for an exclusive getaway.

Summer in Belize
Summer in Belize

Intimate Setting

Home to seven villas total that each includes their private pool, dock, and beach area, Cayo Espanto has truly mastered the art of a luxurious and personalized stay. With tropical trees and shrubbery lining pathways between each accommodation, guests can feel as though they have the entire island to themselves. Catching rays from the comfort of an exclusive beach area or even individual dock attached to each villa comes included for every visitor. Guests can truly escape reality and enter into their paradise island. The average temperature in Belize during summer is 31.5 Celsius (88.7 Fahrenheit), which is perfect for a summertime glow!

Handcrafted Dishes

In place of a restaurant, the private island is home to an award-winning chef who handcrafts each meal to meet the specific preferences and dietary restrictions of each guest throughout their stay. Customizable dishes are curated to highlight the culinary influences of the surrounding Belizean culture while using fresh and locally sourced ingredients. Staff on the island is happy to set up dining along each villa’s private beach area, dock, villa as room service, or even enjoy on a neighboring island’s exclusive beach (via personal yacht experience). Cayo Espanto provides guests with the opportunity to not only enjoy mouthwatering meals throughout each day but to do so in a paradise setting.

Summer in Belize
Summer in Belize

Personalized Experiences

With many looking for a much-needed change of scenery, the unique activities available at Cayo Espanto take exploring tropical paradise to a new and luxurious level. Imagine enjoying a private yacht day with an afternoon picnic on an exclusive beach, then taking a helicopter tour for two over the Great Blue Hole. Then, the next day, you are scheduled for a marvelous snorkel tour set up for you - and your travel companion(s) - to explore the world’s second-largest coral reef system. This dream getaway is all possible to experience this summer at Cayo Espanto! Our on-island staff help to customize the perfect and secluded daily activities for each guest.

Exclusive beach, private villas, personalized experiences, and meals, there is no better place to travel to right now – or anytime - than a private island resort. If you are looking for the perfect escape and swap your couch for a lounge chair on your private dock, you can begin planning their August visit to the secluded island today!

David Benzaquen