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How to Vacation and Work in Belize

By Jess 7/22/2020

We all need a break once in a while. To escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, go on an adventure, and just have a grand time. But sometimes some people can’t just up and leave their work behind and go on a week-long Caribbean escapade. But what if we tell you you don’t need to leave your work behind? You can work in Belize while on vacation!

Update: The Ministry of Tourism in Belize has announced a new "Work Where You Vacation" program to be launched soon. It will provide additional incentives for working remotely from Belize. Stay tuned for more updates.
In recent years, Belize is starting to grow in popularity as a prime destination not just for tourists but also for digital nomads and professionals on workcation leaves. But before you go on your Belizean holiday, here are a few things to consider when going on a workcation holiday in this Caribbean gem.

Workation in Belize
Workation in Belize

Here's how you can plan and execute the ultimate workation in Belize!

  1. Do Your Research

    Like with most things, going on a workcation needs ample preparation and planning. Things like accommodations, budget, and access to necessities should be carefully considered. Fortunately, there are tons of sources online where you can get information to help you plan your trip.

    Blog posts and articles are great sources of information especially in a country like Belize. Some digital nomads and remote workers document their experiences and opinion and post them online for the world to see. Pro tip: find bloggers and freelancers that are in a similar career as yours. That way, you can see the challenges of your type of work and how they dealt with it.

    Aside from blog posts, Facebook groups and online forums also offer a ton of valuable inside information. Plus these communities are generally very helpful and open to newcomers. Reddit has various subreddits and threads dedicated to these very topics.

    Speaking directly to freelancers and remote workers is another great way to get information. They are always honest with their recommendations and would always love to help. They usually have insider info on things like the cafe with the best coffee or the hotel with great wifi etc.
  2. Find a remote-worker friendly destination

    Fortunately, Belize is becoming quite popular for digital nomads and remote workers that most of its popular destinations are remote-work friendly. This means most of the essential amenities and facilities are easily accessible. There are also a lot of establishments, restaurants, and stores where one can get good food and other commodities. Here are popular digital nomad destinations in this Caribbean country.

    Belize City

    If you want a bit of the city life yet has easy access to all the other spots in Belize, then check out Belize City. Being a major city, it has a lot of coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants where you can spend your day working. They’re also a ton of coworking spaces if you want a more professional and less noisy environment.

    Caye Caulker

    If you want a more chill vibe yet still pretty modern then definitely check out Caye Caulker. This island is a 45-minute ferry ride away from Belize City. This is also popular among expats and remote workers because of the beaches and the relatively fast internet connection. But because it is a relatively remote island, prices for most products can be a bit higher than in the mainland.
  3. Find great accommodation

    Now that you have decided which destination to call home for the remainder of your workcation, the next thing you need is good accommodations. When choosing accommodations, there are three major things to consider: location, amenities, and service.
  4. Location, location, location

    You’ve seen this famous line being thrown around and with good reason. Where you’ll be staying can affect your overall experience especially if you plan on staying for a long time. This means the place has to be located near major recreational spots⁠ and should have access to major public transportation, and other important services like hospitals, and fire departments.
  5. Great customer service

    Another factor to consider is the quality of service that they offer. Even if you are technically working on your vacation, you still would want a trip where you can relax and be stress-free. A hotel or resort quality of service can impact this more than you may think. When you find a promising place, check out online reviews and recommendations to see how others enjoy their stay.
  6. Amenities

    These are facilities and services that a hotel or resort should be available for guests to use. This can include hot baths, swimming pool access, and even internet and cable services. Find one that suits your needs the most especially if you are staying for quite a while.
  7. Good WiFi is key

    A good internet connection is the backbone of remote working. This is what’s making your workcation possible in the first place. That is why this should be one of, if not, your top priority. Fortunately enough, because Belize is starting to attract more digital nomads and remote workers, the country has started to invest in their digital infrastructure. Recently, fiber optic internet connection has become widely available giving moderate to high internet speed connection. The average is 10mbps, though this can vary wildly from location to location. Mobile reception is also quite good, especially within Belize City.
  8. Take a break

    Finally, having the best time of your life should also be a top priority. You have to remember that even if you are still working, you are technically on vacation. That is why it is also important that you get to enjoy your trip and have as much fun as possible. Here are a few fun things you can try in Belize:
  9. Visit Mayan Ruins

    The whole country of Belize has tons of ancient Maya Ruins scattered throughout the countryside. These amazing structures that tower above the Belizean jungles are a must-see whenever you visit. Some of the most notable ruins to visit are Altun Ha⁠—one of the most explored and easiest to visit⁠, Caracol⁠—home of the tallest Mayan structure, and Cerros⁠—a quaint ruin by a cliff overlooking the sea.
  10. Become a beach bum

    Like her other Caribbean neighbors, Belize is also home to some of the world’s best beaches. White sands and turquoise blue waters are a staple that makes tourists and expats keep coming back for more. Water sports are also quite popular like jet-skiing, snorkeling, surfing, and paddleboarding.

Final words

Going on a workcation is relatively alien to some but with careful planning and with enough discipline, you can be very productive while enjoying the tropical sun at the beach. Truly, the best of both worlds.

Workation in Belize
Workation in Belize