September Celebrations in Belize: A Vibrant Fusion of Culture and Heritage

As September dawns upon Belize, the nation bursts into a month-long extravaganza of vibrant colors, pulsating music, and rich cultural heritage. Known as the “September Celebrations,” this annual event commemorates the country’s independence and showcases the harmonious blend of diverse cultures that make up the nation’s identity. This year marks Belize‚Äôs 42nd Independence, and the […]

Culture in Belize: Celebrating Garifuna Settlement Day

The Garifuna Culture in Belize The Garifuna culture is rich and vibrant. Their music, food and dancing, are rooted in strong traditional practices which form an integral part of their day to day life. On your next visit to Belize, immerse yourself in our culture. Be sure to dance some punta, beat some drums and […]