Webinar Recordings

Recordings of past webinars hosted by the Belize Hotel Association in collaboration with Belizing.com

Recorded June 29, 2020
. Presenter: Tanya McNab, founder of McNab Visual and Caribbean Lifestyle. In this webinar, Tanya shares some best practices for marketing and communication in the era of COVID-19 and gives some examples of how local tourism stakeholders are putting these into action.

Recorded June 12, 2020
. Presenter: Ted Tejada, president of the Belize Hotel Association. In this webinar, Ted shares some examples of guidelines and protocols that hotel and lodging facilities can use to develop their own COVID-19 procedures.

Recorded May 26, 2020
. Presenter: Kristin Simmons, Digital Media Consultant & Speaker. Kristin is also a faculty member at the University of Southern Maine where she teaches in the Tourism & Hospitality Department.

Recorded April 30, 2020
. Presenter: Raul Mamani, Director of Audience Strategy and Business Development at Sojern. In this webinar, Raul shares some insights about how COVID-19 has affeced travel in the region.
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