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A Way Of Life By Stephanie Hitchcock

It’s very easy to live a life in the future or past and to immediately feel stressed by the little things. We have access to infinite information at the touch of a button and so we experience over stimulation on a daily basis. How can we filter through all of this chaos and manage to focus on what is important to us?

Belize’s environment and its people have enabled me to be more mindful. Being mindful is being conscious of the present moment. And that! is the most important factor to ones own wellness.

‘”Wellness’ is the state of being in good health, not only physically but mentally and emotionally.” Nature plays a big role in a human’s well-being and Belize is nature at its purest. Belize remains largely ‘untouched’. It has a population of only around 400,000 people and it’s home to lush, green rainforests and exquisite, blue coral reefs.

Here are some other simple and fun things that you can practice each day. The benefits you will receive are immediate.

Morning wake up:

  • Start moving slowly and check how your body feels. Do some stretches in the comfort of your bed.
  • Notice your breath, breath in for a count of 4, hold it in for a count of 6 and release slowly for a
  • count of 8 count.
  • Do a negative thoughts & emotions dump, you can write it in your journal.
  • When you brush your teeth and take a shower, enjoy every movement and contact with water. – Drink warm water with a squeeze of lemon to aid with digestion.

During day:

  • Enjoy every moment you’re out and of exploring Belize, let nature heal you. – Take 4 long breath before eating.
  • Enjoy the local and organic foods of Belize.

Bed time:

  • Take a lovely shower before getting into bed. Visualize the water cleaning your mind and emotions. – Recall all the great things you experienced in the day and jot them down in your journal.


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