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Top 3 Romantic Activities to do in Belize

Are you looking for a unique honeymoon or romantic getaway? Are you a couple looking for a way to grow closer and bond through exhilarating and authentic travel experiences? If you are, we thoroughly recommend coming to Belize! In Belize, there are many romantic activities you can do! You can explore lush rainforests, caves, and temple sites to discover and learn about unique wildlife. You can softly challenge yourselves and each other in a way that helps you to get to know each other better and bring you closer.

Here are our top 3 (strangely) romantic activities to do in Belize:

  1. Spelunking at the A.T.M. Cave

    Actun Tunichil Muknal, “”Cave of the Stone Sepulcher,”” is one of the most impressive caves in the Maya lowland. The cave system consists of a series of chambers; and, it ends with a 300 by 50-meter Cathedral, where the Mayas held sacrificial ceremonies. All visitors get the opportunity to travel into the Maya past and witness a living museum where the remains of human sacrifices and artifacts stay in their original context. It is a 45-minute trek through the dense jungles of the Tapir Mountain Nature Reserve. It also requires you to wade across three streams to get to the cave. At the entrance of the cave, you will be outfitted in the necessary equipment to swim across and start your spelunking adventure.
  2. Cultural immersion in Garifuna and Maya communities in Southern Belize

    As you explore remote Maya villages hidden within the forested greenery of Southern Belize, you get to learn the secrets of traditional Maya chocolate making! Step by step, you’ll get to see the start of the chocolate-making process from the orchards, where cacao (chocolate) grows in the shade of native trees alongside other crops, to the packaging of the bars. A Kek’chi farmer walks you through all the steps that transform cacao into delicious Maya organic chocolate that is inspired by the local Maya “”kuhkuh”” drink. You’ll learn about growing and harvesting the cacao pods as well as roasting and grinding the beans. To top it off, you can savor the rich aroma and delicious flavor of hot chocolate, made the traditional way. Afterward, enjoy a delicious, traditional meal with a Maya family, and then set out for a fascinating look at Garifuna culture.

    Your hands-on adventure takes you to the famous Warasa Garifuna Drum School, where you’ll experience authentic, interactive lessons in traditional Garifuna drumming, dancing, drum-making, and more. Learn Garifuna rhythms as you master the basic beat on the Segunda drum. Play alongside your host, who will introduce you to the faster-paced primero drum. After the drumming lessons, you’ll get to see the professionals beat the drums and a dance lesson. At the end of this magical day, you will return to Punta Gorda with a new appreciation of the colorful Maya and Garifuna lifestyles.
  3. Explore the Silk Cayes out on the Belizean Reef

    Grab your fins and snorkel and head out to Placencia for a day of swimming with the amazing marine life of the Belize Barrier Reef. Board a comfortable 7.6-meter (25-foot) boat for the 40-60-minute ride, often accompanied by dolphins, to a beautiful collection of small coral islands known as the Silk Cayes. See lobsters, shrimp, crabs, snapper, barracuda, and lots of colorful reef fish amongst the amazing aquatic wildlife. Your expert guide will make sure you don’t miss a thing! As a bonus, just before traveling back to Placencia, you can join the scuba divers and head to a spot just inside the barrier reef. There you can do more snorkeling with a good chance of seeing turtles, southern stingrays, eagle rays, and nurse sharks.

Where to stay for a romantic getaway:

Ka’ana, Cayo District

Ka’ana Boutique Resort is a chic and contemporary boutique hotel in the Cayo District of Belize, just 15 minutes from the Guatemalan border and San Ignacio. It is the perfect option for couples and honeymooners. The suites and villas are magnificent, sporting a private lounge area and individual pool! The hotel also has an excellent spa and a top-notch restaurant featuring amazing dishes and drinks.

Turtle Inn, Stann Creek District

Turtle Inn is possibly the jewel in the crown of the three Francis Ford Coppola properties in Belize and Guatemala! Just outside the small fishing village of Placencia, Turtle Inn Lodge features 1 and 2 bedroom picturesque thatched cottages that are decorated exquisitely with Asian furnishings and textiles. The lodge also features a unique 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom private pavilion with attendant service. There is a beachfront bar, circular swimming pool, and a large open-air restaurant as well as an excellent dive shop and spa. The main eco-conscious decision of this lodge was not to include air conditioning. All units are ceiling fans only. Rooms do not have telephones but have an ingenious “”shell phone”” which acts as an intercom with the front desk. Also, an important thing to note is the beach line at Turtle Inn. It has small waves lapping the shore. It is not tranquil blue waters; therefore, there is sometimes seagrass visible.

Copal Tree Lodge, Toledo District

Copal Tree Lodge features luxurious and elegant accommodations! The cabanas are terraced on the hillside with a sitting area, private veranda adorned with hammocks, and a private bath decorated with handmade ceramic tile. You can choose from a variety of tours, including water sports, rainforest, archaeological, and cultural activities. With a strong focus on agritourism, the lodge offers fantastic experiences such as organic farming, artisan chocolate-making, and rum production. After a day of exploring, you can refresh yourself by the poolside and enjoy selections from the full-service restaurant and bar.

If you would like to spend an exceptional and memorable time in Belize, Viaventure and Belize guarantee a romantic couple experience you will always cherish.

For romantic couples thinking about an experience to Belize, we also recommend starting the trip with a few days in Guatemala. Check out our website for more ideas on romantic vacations in Guatemala!

We hope you find this post helpful and enjoyable! For anything you need in Belize, why not contact us on Our agents are ready to help you plan the perfect romantic getaway in Belize!

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