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Fun Belize Horseback Riding Summer Camp in the Jungle

Kids and kids at heart have been coming to Banana Bank Horse Camp since 2006 for amazing summer vacations going horseback riding in Belize jungles. In the first year, Banana Bank Lodge had 5 participants and only one camp. This year we had 25 campers in our first camp and registration is still open for our second camp in August.

In 2006 there were not many summer camp options for kids in Belize and certainly none that involved horses. The concept is based on teaching awareness and riding ability for anyone who loves horses, also, campers learn how to develop a relationship with their horse.

Over the years we have had many newcomers as well as veterans, kids from nearby and not so nearby communities, ages from five to sixty-five joining our Belize horseback riding summer camp – all with one thing in common, their love for horses! There are so many amazing life lessons that can be learned from these majestic animals. At Banana Bank Lodge, we train all our horses as per horse whispering methods and this is the key that opens the door of communication with them. We are also in the process of developing alike camps with other features that will combine life lessons with having fun and horsing around.

What are some of the activities done at Banana Bank Horse Camp?

During camp, we do everything from halter training colts to riding in the jungle, and even paintings the horses.

Every year we add a different component to Horse Camp. In the past, that has been birding, photography, songwriting or learning to sing and play a Cajon. This year our special feature was EAL (Equine Assisted Learning) with an emphasis on Obstacle or Opportunity. Horses are used to teach campers life lessons by doing different exercises and then reflecting on the results. Age is not a deterrent, nor size a preventive, to accomplish a task and learn from it.

We always include and off-site adventure and this year it was zip-lining. Arts and crafts, swimming in the pool, great food, balloon drop, pizza party, games and horse movies are also all part of the fun at Banana Bank Family Horse Camp.

When does Banana Horse Camp begin and end?

Orientation always begins on a Wednesday afternoon and camp is dismissed the following Monday morning. On Sunday we invite parents and family to join so campers have the opportunity to demonstrate what they have done and learned with the horses. Parents are generally amazed at the confidence and abilities their kids have progressed in such a short period.

Where is Banana Bank Horse Camp Located?

The horse camp takes place at Banana Bank Horses and Jungle Lodge, which is located on the outskirts of Belmopan City on the Western Highway.

What’s the price to register for Banana Bank Horse Camp?

The registration fee is normally $250 USD + 12.5% tax. This price includes accommodations, meals, all craft materials, activities, riding instruction, and equipment. The minimum age for campers is 7 years unless accompanied by a parent or guardian (parent or guardian is expected to participate in all activities with the child). There is no maximum age limit.

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