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Looking for ideal locations to work remotely, add Belize to your list!

Looking for Ideal Locations to Work Remotely, Add Belize to Your List

If you’re one of the lucky ones able to work through the pandemic and made the transition to remote work, then keep reading. While covid certainly introduced many changes to our lives, for some of us, the transition from work to home was a welcome one. Now, in year two of the pandemic, travel restrictions are slowly falling away as covid numbers decrease, and vaccinations emerge. Now that you’ve officially joined the digital nomads rank, and with travel possible, you may be looking for your next remote work destination. If so, read this for all you need to know about working remotely in Belize and why it just may be one of the best locations to do so.

What Do You Need to Work Remotely?

That’s easy. You’ll need a high-speed wireless internet connection. Fortunately, this is easily attainable in most areas of the country. What’s more, most resorts (except perhaps the strictly off-the-grid resorts) offer this amenity, as do many local restaurants, and cafes. For the price of a warm cup of coffee or a hearty breakfast of fresh fruit, bread and local jam, any restaurant would be happy to host you while you work, and if it’s Friday, you’d be perfectly placed to join in on happy hour too.


Do I Need a Work Permit?

Yes, but mostly like no. Let us explain. If you’re planning on working with a local organization, you may require one. For that, we’d recommend double-checking with the Belize Tourism Board for clarification. But if you’re working for yourself, for a US or international company, you won’t require one. In fact, in February 2021, Belize’s Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations revealed plans to implement a ‘Work Where You Vacation’ initiative, a long-stay visitor program that would extend the typical 30-days visa-free stay for tourists. Now that the word is out, you might want to start planning your trip sooner rather than later.

Why Belize?

Belize is very much a digital nomad’s dream. The epitome of an office with a view, you’ll have many a shaded nook or beach to choose as your office space for the day. And what can you do on the weekends? No, why can’t you do? Glide along the cool and shady riverways by kayak or boat. Or soar across the lush rainforest canopy on an aerial zipline. And depending on where you are, you may be able to walk into a nearby town and explore the streetside shops and cafes. Resort staff are typically happy to offer suggestions and arrange transportation as needed.


The Belize response to covid has been responsible and timely, low case numbers are a testament to its success. As you can see, Belize has many opportunities for the new rising class of digital nomads. The way we see it, if you can work from home, then naturally, you can work anywhere; and with high-speed internet, and a passport valid for travel, your office can literally be wherever you want.



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