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Planning a pre-wedding getaway – try Earlymooning in Belize

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When it comes to destination weddings, the idea of exchanging vows beneath a gushing waterfall in the Belize rainforest sounds magical. But what about what all it took to get to that point? Planning your nuptials is no easy task, much less when it involves getting married in an entirely new country. There are flights to book, venues to pick, and family to accommodate. With all of these details to keep in mind, you and your betrothed may rarely have time alone, or are stressed out with the wedding planning. In cases like this, it often helps to plan a pre-wedding getaway or an “earlymoon.” With Belize being an ideal wedding and honeymoon destination, it’s no surprise an earlymoon in the tropical country would be otherworldly. Here are reasons why a recoup from the madness of wedding planning in Belize is worth it. 


A chance to de-stress 

Any married couple can tell you that planning your special day is not as easy and magical as many may think. Often referred to as one of the best days of your life, your wedding day ought to be perfect, with memories to last a lifetime. To make it so, however, can be extremely stressful. Regardless of how you wish to spend your “earlymoon”, it’s important for you and your better half to take a break and go somewhere far-flung, like the famous island of Ambergris Caye. Pamper yourselves at award-winning luxury resorts like Victoria House Resort & Spa or Portofino Resort. Both of these are known to be the epitome of luxury, with rejuvenating spa services you can’t miss. Wedding planning will be far from your mind when receiving a deep-tissue massage right on the beach with your loved one before walking down the aisle.


A chance to reconnect 

It’s easy to become lost in the whirlwind of wedding planning that you and your spouse-to-be forget to make time for each other. Dress shopping, meeting with caterers, and keeping track of RSVPs can drive a metaphorical wedge between what was previously bonding time. For a chance to reconnect as a couple, staying at a resort known for seclusion and privacy can work wonders. Mahogany Bay Resort in Ambergris Caye is a prime stay when looking for that bonding experience. On the north side of the island, the resort has its own private beach accessible to guests via a short boat ride. You and the love of your life can lounge at one of the over-the-water daybeds and spend your evening gazing at the glorious sunset. Spending quality time together will leave you both feeling refreshed for when the big day comes. 


A chance for inspiration

It’s no secret  Belize is known to be a dream wedding destination for many couples. As a hidden gem tucked in Central America, Belize has many unique wedding venues like white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, Maya sites and even caves. By booking a pre-wedding getaway in Belize, you get to see firsthand what an actual wedding – or honeymoon – would be like. If you stay at a resort in Ambergris Caye, for instance, you get an idea of a perfect honeymoon itinerary. San Pedro’s Ramon’s Village Resort definitely fits the bill for a “best-of-both worlds” stay. The looming trees surrounding each room give the perfect jungle feel while still being beachfront. If you’re looking for something on the wilder side, Black Orchid Resort in the Belize District offers a rejuvenating retreat with a side of greenery. This is a great stay to keep in mind should you be on the lookout for a secluded yet luxurious wedding venue. 



With these tips in mind, you now have another excuse to visit Belize with your significant other. Whether it’s for a Pinterest-like destination wedding, a traditional honeymoon or the modern “earlymoon,” Belize will have you (re)falling in love each and every time. 

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