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Solo Travels Belize, Our Recommendations

With warm, palm-fringed beaches hugging its coast, and a tapestry of lush tropical jungle blanketing entire swathes of wild and unspoiled countryside, Belize promises a breathtaking escape for the adventurous solo traveller. But if the idea of travelling alone sparks fear and anxiety, we understand. In our experience, there are often many questions that first-time solo travellers have before their trip. And while anything can seem daunting at first, travelling on your own can teach you so much about the world, and also about yourself. So while you’re still planning your solo trip, grab a pen and pad, here are our top recommendations when travelling solo through Belize.


Do your research 

Our number one tip is to start by doing your own research. Google, Trip Advisor, Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram are great places to start when looking for ideas (and reviews) on where to go and what to do. Similarly, hotel associations, like ours, can be extremely helpful. With up-to-date blogs on everything from the best times of the year to travel, to discounts and specials, a little time and web-savvy will help you plan your solo trip confidently.


Free Wifi

If you need to work and stay in touch with family, free wifi with a strong signal should be on your resort checklist.  A factor made even more important if it’s your first solo trip to Belize.  Family and friends will be relieved to know you’re safe, and if they themselves are unable to travel they will also enjoy keeping up with your travel adventures, even if it’s just virtually.


Meet other Travelers 

Traveling alone doesn’t mean you have to isolate yourself during your entire trip. Take the opportunity to meet other travelers and locals.  Hesitant to try a restaurant on your own?  Afraid to do a tour on your own?  Spelunking swimming with the (nurse) sharks, exploring the depths of the Great Blue Hole, shared experiences increases the fun of trying new things you’re nervous about doing on your own. 


Document Everything

Make the most of your solo jaunt by capturing everything. Unleash your creativity, find beauty in every new experience, in your new environment, and especially in the little details that may seem curious, foreign and amusing to you. You’ll wow friends and family back home, as well as have wonderful, tangible reminders of time well spent. Get some recommendations from other travelers and hotel staff on all the Instagram-worthy destinations.


Taste the Local Foods

Food can be another enjoyable pastime for the solo traveler.  Taste local food to get, as one might say, the real flavour of a place.  Rich in culture and steeped in history, Belizean cuisine is a flavourful mosaic of multiethnic spices and folkways.  With tons of places to try, talk to as many locals to get a sense of what dishes to try, and where to go to try them. The nearest place might actually be, right where you’re staying. 


Travel Light 

One bit of sage advice for any solo traveler is to travel light.  Keep cash and valuables to a minimum.  Check to see beforehand if your destination is credit-card friendly.  Notwithstanding, a good rule of thumb for any solo traveler is to avoid traveling with large amounts of cash.

Most places in Belize accept credit cards but at small stores and with street vendors, you may need cash.  


When in Doubt, Ask Questions


Don’t be afraid to ask questions.  Belizeans are friendly, and locals generally know the right places to explore, have adventures, meet and greet, and relax.  Don’t be afraid to tap into local knowledge.   You’ll be happier for it.  Talk to the resort staff, ask them what they’d recommend or what they enjoy doing on their day off, you might be surprised by what you hear.


Make Relaxation a Priority

Balance is key. Belize has so much to offer, particularly for those that enjoy being outdoors.  But if you need time to declutter your mind, Belize with all its green spaces and idyllic beach and seascapes is the perfect place to indulge in relaxation. 

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