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Soul Searching | Chill out & Recharge in Belize with Resorts that Nourish Your Soul

Resorts. What you might call a popular destination for vacations or relaxation, a place where people go to eat, sleep, and often – to socialize. There are many reasons why resorts appeal to our sensibilities and many benefits of taking a break from our otherwise complicated or hectic lives. Whether you’re dreaming about what it might be like to take some time to yourself to explore a meandering trail on horseback, sink your toes into the sand for a morning beachside run, we’ve put together a list of the best resorts to go to to help you hit that reset button in Belize.

Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge

Here, health and wellness take a full nature-infused approach, with complimentary tubes for floating down the river, kayaks for more active explorations and a private riverbank for nighttime bonfires under the stars, these are just some of the things weary guests can expect. Located along the banks of the Macal River, Sweet Songs Jungle Lodge offers pleasure seekers the experience of a lifetime. Bright tropical greenery and an abundance of wildlife sweep along the entire breadth and scope of this charming jungle retreat. Nestled next door to the lodge, is the Belize Botanic Garden, another 45 acres of carefully maintained vegetation–medicinal plants, tropical fruit trees, and a colourful assortment of native plants and orchids. It makes sense then that dining here would consist of healthy gourmet meals composed of fresh organic produce–because what better way to nourish both the body and soul?

Hidden Valley Inn and Reserve

Tucked away inside a vast, private nature reserve, Hidden Valley Inn and Reserve provides a sanctuary for wildlife, and guests alike. Far removed from the trappings of modern life, the Inn and its twelve cosy cottages are designed to put guests at ease. Craving alone time? Here you’ll find over 90 miles of forest trails to explore. Hikers and bikers have access to two-way radios, a safety measure in the event one becomes lost or needs assistance. Local hardwoods and natural hues draw nature in, this along with comfortable guest lounges, stately stone hearths, and acres of lush, green gardens throughout the grounds provide the perfect break from reality. After a long day of exploring, relaxing spa therapies using indigenous plants and flowers can also be arranged in suite.


Chan Chich Lodge

The fabled discovery and inception of Chan Chich begins with the purchase of the property by seventh-generation Belizean businessman, Barry Bowen. An abandoned camp and creek, known then as Chan Chich, Maya for ‘little bird’, obscured what was once a flourishing ancient Maya settlement. Today the Lodge sits on 30,000 acres of private reserve lands. You might say this, along with the energies of the past, come together to create a serene and sacred space for personal rediscovery. Cool, sweetly scented breezes waft along a vast and rippling labyrinth of forest trails.


Guests hoping for a solitary jaunt through nature will be happy to know that booklets, signage and numbered markings are available, making a solo exploration safe and achievable. Naturally, an organic farm was also established on the property. Along with kindness for the planet, Chan Chich Lodge is a fine choice for reducing stress, soothing and cleansing the spirit, and feeding the soul.

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